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Absolutely Fantastic Product
January 11, 2021
This is an AWESOME product. I applied this to a LONG strip of area in my lawn which I had removed the turf and reseeded. In the past, whe...
Chirag · Review provided by scotts.com
Great product!
September 13, 2022
It is a great product. The first product that I applied that doesn’t end up with green streaks on the lawn. I think it is because the gra...
LawnNewbie · Review provided by walmart.com
Transformed our sad lawn in less than 2 weeks!
August 09, 2022
Recommended by my father (who is a certified master gardener) for rehabbing a seriously sad lawn following dethatch and aeration. Holy mo...
SteffyWeffy · Review provided by canadiantire.ca
Not a product for existing lawn
April 25, 2019
I have been a Scott’s customer for years, and have always had a beautiful lawn. I used the crabgrass preventer in early Spring, followed ...
Scott T · Review provided by scotts.com
I tried this product with reservations but am now
May 11, 2020
I started a new lawn last year and fought weeds all summer. This Spring I oversewed my lawn.and applied this product with reservations. W...
Surfer · Review provided by scotts.com
This did not work as advertised
April 26, 2020
I bought this Fertilizer a little more than a month ago and applied it on March 28th just after I aerated and seeded the lawn. It claims ...
Disappointed Nick · Review provided by scotts.com
When you can find it in the store, it works.
July 06, 2019
Too many lawn fertilizers have too much nitrogen which spurs leaf growth but doesn't help root development. With grass, survival depends ...
Experienced Painter · Review provided by homedepot.ca
It looks like it is killing my grass
June 07, 2020
We had just spent $1150 on thatching aerating, fertilizing and over seeding of our 6000 sqft lawn. After 4 weeks the seeds had germinated...
Fmdavies064 · Review provided by scotts.com
It's about more than nitrogen
August 07, 2017
The three numbers on any fertilizer bag shows you the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium that is in the mix, in that order. Pe...
· Review provided by canadiantire.ca
Get Ready To Mow
May 05, 2019
Maryland had an excessive amount of rain in 2017-2018 which led to a lot of soil damage and grass damage. My usual fall planting with soi...
Grass Man · Review provided by scotts.com
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