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Came from XR, Not happy with the 13
March 07, 2022
My last few iPhones have lasted me a long time, I bought a 13 after almost 4 years with my XR (iPhone 10). With a good amount of time bet...
JMPF · Review provided by vzw.com
So overrated
March 23, 2022
As of today I'm writing after 24 hours of constant issues with this phone. I really wanted to love this phone but for the price I just co...
Voodoo82 · Review provided by vzw.com
Complete Trash
September 18, 2022
This is the worst phone I have ever used. The volume controls are awful it will sometimes mute my ringer and other times I will be on a c...
Tommy72058 · Review provided by vzw.com
Worst iPhone i've ever owned.
October 13, 2021
This has been my unfortunate experience with iPhone 13. It was a maddening three weeks. The good Excellent battery life. I could go 3 day...
AppleFan · Review provided by vzw.com
Buggiest phone I have ever used.
October 04, 2021
The design is beautiful, and feels great in hand. The screen is super bright and even though it has lower resolution than even mid-tier p...
MIKE · Review provided by vzw.com
November 16, 2021
iPhone 13 is the worst phone I ever had by far. Returned after one day of non-stop issues: Phone drops off of WiFi if it's more than 20ft...
Doug H · Review provided by att.com
Not optimized for one hand usage, laggy scrolling
October 18, 2021
I tried to switch to iPhone after many years of Android phones. I like big screen phones, but this iphone was a pain to use. Back navigat...
conqueror · Review provided by vzw.com
Do not recommend
February 12, 2022
Very unhappy with the quirks of this phone, and my 8 plus has none of these issues. When I use it as a hotspot it keeps beeping and kicki...
cupcake · Review provided by vzw.com
How did the Apple Army let this happen???
May 28, 2022
This phone is just plain terrible. Coming from a Samsung S10 5G, I can't even explain how far I've downgraded. For starters the screen is...
shynebull · Review provided by vzw.com
April 28, 2022
I have had an iPhone for 12 years. 6 different models always loved them. This one is junk. I got it originally in mid December.The Wi-Fi ...
Kndygrm · Review provided by vzw.com
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