50 reviews
Good educational toy with a few flaws.
January 13, 2022
This is a good product with a few flaws. The letter sound for the letter “o” is incorrect. They use the example from the beginning of the...
Diana · Review provided by walmart.com
cute, and simple.
August 17, 2021
This bus toy is incredibly cute, and it is light weight. Toddlers and younger kids can easily carry it around since it has a handle. Unfo...
Dani991 · Review provided by justplayproducts.com
My children love this!
August 20, 2021
This Cocomelon Musical Learning Bus is fun for my young children! They already love to watch Cocomelon, so they were excited to have a to...
GamingGoddess87 · Review provided by justplayproducts.com
Adorable bus for toddlers
August 19, 2021
I love the design and the 2 songs it sings. I wish there were more songs, since coco melon is all about the songs. My biggest disappointm...
Redstars36 · Review provided by justplayproducts.com
Great learning toy but wheels don’t move .
November 05, 2021
I got this for my one year old and it goes through the alphabet, letters, sounds and words and then the numbers if u click 4 it will coun...
Caoineerid3 · Review provided by Smyths Toys
Best for young kids
September 29, 2021
My three year old played with this for a while and was really excited but lost interest after a couple days. Probably a great toy for kid...
Jb47 · Review provided by justplayproducts.com
Great for kids!!
August 15, 2021
We got this for my 3 year old daughter and she loves playing with this thing!! It's really helpful for kids and helping them learning the...
creese1784 · Review provided by justplayproducts.com
Wheels don't spin!
May 06, 2022
My kid loves it BUT I agree with others, the wheels should spin! Definitely someone dropped the ball on that part.
cheese22 · Review provided by Target
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