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Better than her debut novel
August 23, 2022
3/5 Steam Rating 1st Person POV, Women in STEM, Sapphic side plot Enemies-to-Lovers, Workplace Romance I have to be really honest, I didn...
Rhi · Review provided by Target
Love Can't Be On The Brain, When This Book Has Non
September 08, 2022
Can I give is 0 stars? Love Hypothesis is the ONLY reason this book has any sort of HYPE. This book and characters are terrible. Its like...
Literary Sassy Lassy · Review provided by Target
surprisingly a good read.
November 15, 2022
Saw a lot of different opinions about this book and honestly kept going off and on about purchasing it. Very happy I did purchase it thou...
Seeuh · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
really good
September 09, 2022
my goodreads book review- so what this book has similarities to the love hypothesis, i was eating everything right up and leaving no crum...
Aliyah · Review provided by booksamillion.com
Yay Nerdy Romance!
September 21, 2022
Another fun, nerdy romance novel from Ali Hazelwood!! Definitely read it if you liked The Love Hypothesis. Bee was such a great character...
Brittany · Review provided by booksamillion.com
The Love Hypothesis but NASA and low-key better
September 09, 2022
I adored this book. I laughed out loud. I thought about it after reading. I had all of the feels. It was a great romance with the right a...
Molly · Review provided by booksamillion.com
Nice easy read
October 10, 2022
This author was recommended to me and this is the second book I've read of hers. I just love how they are really easy going to read and y...
Loz · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
It's good but not the best
August 30, 2022
I did like it. It doesn’t compare to the love hypothesis but I did enjoy it. Definitely a lot spicier in the love scenes. Is it my ultima...
Mimi · Review provided by Target
4 stars for another quirky stem romcom
September 16, 2022
I didn't love this one nearly as much as her first book, The Love Hypothesis, but it was still a cute and enjoyable read. The end was a b...
HabbinJabbins · Review provided by Target
September 10, 2022
Love hypothesis was fantastic. I was bored and was not impressed with how much political agenda was in this book. Not to mention the “plo...
Blunt reviews · Review provided by Target
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