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Great grill--until you have to replace thetank
August 28, 2021
I bought this grill to replace a Genesis Silver B that I owned for 20 years. It served me well and I had replaced virtually all the guts ...
jmsaus · Review provided by weber.com
Nice BBQ, but
September 10, 2021
Nice BBQ, but there is room for improvement. I tried a couple of times to talk with customer service. The first time, their “system was d...
Excesses · Review provided by weber.com
Some of the parts are flimsy, but it performs well
December 07, 2022
Grills well without flareups (unless it's not clean). The side compartment panels are a little bit flimsy, the burner can is solid and sh...
JetTechJoe · Review provided by weber.com
Spirit E-330 gas grill
June 19, 2021
This is a replacement for my last Weber grill that lasted 17 years. I could have replaced grates and flavor bars again but we opted to bu...
Grill Master Wayne · Review provided by weber.com
Spirit fills the bill
August 21, 2022
had a Weber for 35 years. Loved the Genesis Gold. moved to smaller location and bought a Spirit E-330 with side burner - nearest to Genes...
Marantha · Review provided by weber.com
Very Cool Grill, But Had Some Minor Damage
May 25, 2022
This grill is a dream! Assembly was relatively easy, and using it is extremely simple. It looks great and performs equally well. The only...
Daniel1988 · Review provided by weber.com
My New Weber Learning Experience
May 24, 2022
So far, I've only been able to use my new Weber three times. I have found that it is a much more powerful grill than my dearly departed 2...
pbou · Review provided by weber.com
Love everything except the wheels
August 15, 2022
Finally bought a Weber grill and I love it except for the wheels. I have owned many grills and they all have had two large wheels on one ...
dkrkallen · Review provided by weber.com
Great Grill, Good Service, Bad Packing
December 23, 2022
This grill has nice features and was an upgrade from my previous grill. I had the grill shipped to my home and assembled it. The instruct...
· Review provided by weber.com
Grillingly Good
August 12, 2022
Well built, even heat and fairly accurate temperature. The tank hook for the fuel gage is too small for many newer tanks. These tanks hav...
Chazz77 · Review provided by weber.com
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