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Don't buy it - it overheats way too hot
August 03, 2022
Within just 1 hour of use, the bottom of this Chromebook got so hot it, I thought it was unsafe to use, so like with any other laptop, I ...
Tyler · Review provided by walmart.com
June 17, 2022
Just scrolling through the app and this pops up as a recommended item for me. Honestly... this product is ewaste. Even for light producti...
Blaise · Review provided by walmart.com
Unbelievably Great for the Money!
July 23, 2022
This little workhorse is a Godsend. I ordered it almost on a whim, how good can a $98 laptop be? Well it can be awesome. It arrived quick...
SCLynnie · Review provided by walmart.com
Not the best
September 16, 2022
If your looking for a simple cheap Chromebook just to access drive and online textbooks then this is perfect for you. If your looking to ...
James · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Amazing Chromebook for $98 on Rollback! Get One!
June 21, 2022
We already have our Android and Apple phones, and iPad Pros, and Windows Desktop and laptops. So, why did I buy this HP 11.6" Chromebook?...
pearlsport · Review provided by walmart.com
HOT ITEM .. . . literally!
October 12, 2022
The underside gets exceptionally hot when in use. I had an Acer Chromebook, which I loved, but it malfunctioned after much use and severa...
Barbara · Review provided by walmart.com
Quite Pleased
July 13, 2022
Thus far I am quite pleased. This is a "backup" laptop for myself. (My current backup laptop actually has parts falling off! - it has bee...
AboutToWalkAmerica · Review provided by walmart.com
Its marked down for a good reason!
August 17, 2022
I got my laptop not even a day ago and let me just say ive had nothing but troubles. Im really good at being able to download things off ...
Paige · Review provided by walmart.com
Don't walk - RUN
November 16, 2022
I was really hoping the other reviews were being dramatic, but unfortunately they were not. Within 5 minutes of starting up the laptop, t...
Amanda · Review provided by walmart.com
Double trouble and not satisfied
November 14, 2022
The simply fact I purchased this product a week ago for the the Black Friday sale. It was sold out and only available at the store. Went ...
Staci · Review provided by walmart.com
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