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Worst phone i have ever purchased so unsatisfied
March 08, 2022
By far the worst phone i have ever purchased. I spent the extra money so i could have the 5g network and it hardly ever works. I have to ...
Karah Conway · Review provided by Google
Worst Phone I Have Ever Owned.
May 17, 2022
I've owned several phones throughout my life. I don't recall any of the names because they did their job without much problems. This phon...
Jay1991 · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
April 25, 2021
I had a Samsung Galaxy about 5 years ago before I switched to LG and was much happier with the LG G4 and LG iThinq 7. The navigation and ...
Anonymous · Review provided by gadgettree.co.uk
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
August 03, 2021
Had a Motorola Z2 play from 2017... 2017. Decided to upgrade because my phone looks a little old.I expected a 250 phone from 2019 to perf...
A20 V · Review provided by gadgettree.co.uk
October 08, 2021
SAMSUNG A32 - IM DISAPPOINTED I received my A32 about 7 days ago and I must say I'm not convinced. The phone comes with a lot of promisin...
Lidderd · Review provided by samsung.com
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
May 15, 2021
This phone represents a doublingdown on everything that makes Samsung devices suck. Even more invasive bloatware that you cant remove. Ab...
NoJustNo · Review provided by gadgettree.co.uk
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
March 30, 2021
List of problems so far1 Discoloration of the screen on a dark gray background with low brightness. This is a defect that affects all uni...
Samsung N A · Review provided by gadgettree.co.uk
Samsung Galaxy A32 (A325F/DS) (128GB/6GB, Awesome Violet)
May 07, 2021
I had the unfortunate luck of becoming the owner of a Samsung A51 roughly 3 months ago and so far I have had nothing but issues with it.W...
RatherUseLandline · Review provided by gadgettree.co.uk
Worst phone I've ever owned
March 29, 2022
This phone is junk straight out of the box. All it does is crash all day. Everything just crashes for no reason. Definitely a big waste o...
Mandy Cohen · Review provided by Google
Stay Away save your hard earned money
August 06, 2021
This phone is just what the complaints that I read from other dissatisfied buyers of this phone. It freezes up alot it doesn't scroll up ...
john talik · Review provided by Google
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