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Powerful Dock To Make Up For Laptop's Deficiencies
October 25, 2022
This is a great dock and it was so easy to set up, straight out of the box. I was worried that I’d have to fiddle around with installing ...
Xavier · Review provided by dell.com
Changing from a desktop setup to a laptop
August 22, 2022
I purchased a DELL laptop to replace a desktop computer setup. The Dell D3100 docking station allowed me to free up ports on the laptop b...
Allen · Review provided by dell.com
Dell Docking Station D3100 is great
January 31, 2022
Docking station was purchased primarily for dual-monitor capability and to expand the USB port availability. There were little instructio...
Charlie P · Review provided by dell.com
This is marketed as a Dell product, but Dell could have sold many more of them if they said it wa...
May 30, 2021
This is marketed as a Dell product, but Dell could have sold many more of them if they said it was universal for Windows because it is. I...
D.m. · Review provided by homeessentialsdirect.com
A Gem for Connecting Multiple Devices/Accessories
July 10, 2022
I was adding a third monitor to my home office setup and this docking station did the trick! I had to do quite a bit of research through ...
TexGal · Review provided by bestbuy.com
October 25, 2022
I wanted a two monitor setup for my home office running from my laptop (which has only one HDMI port). Initially tried an unpowered USB-C...
· Review provided by pbtech.co.nz
Tired of tangled cables sitting all over the desk,,,,,,,,,,, The (D3100) could be right for you.
March 19, 2021
My previous Dell Latitude laptop computer had numerous ports on three sides, all of which made connecting peripherals very easy. My new I...
· Review provided by dell.com
Works Beautifully
January 23, 2022
I use three external monitors at work. My old laptop actually had three video output ports, so I never needed a dock. But my new laptop d...
Dakota · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Great Display Expansion Dock - Has Some Cavets
January 31, 2020
Dock connection DOES NOT charge a connected laptop. This line of docking stations only intended to extend or expand display options. It d...
JThom · Review provided by dell.com
Dell Docking Station
August 16, 2022
A perfect solution for my Inspiron 5545 Notebook to be able to add additional USB ports and additional monitors. The docking station is a...
· Review provided by dell.com
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