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Professional Speed, Consumer Price
May 06, 2021
One of the most prominent players in the consumer solid state disk (SSD) space has been Samsung. Since 2006, Samsung has regularly offere...
Turbolence · Review provided by Best Buy
Laptop install extremely difficult but worth it
May 08, 2021
After three full 8-hour days, I finally managed to replace the 256 GB Samsung NVMe solid state drive that came installed in my HP Spectre...
Drj5j · Review provided by Best Buy
You can't go wrong with Samsung SSDs
May 22, 2021
Samsung's 980 NVMe M.2 SSD drives are a no-brainer if you're looking to upgrade your machine to handle your data with faster read/write t...
Alan · Review provided by Best Buy
Great budget Samsung SSD
May 10, 2021
Samsung is by far the most known and trusted flash/SSD manufacturer out there. The 980 series represents Samsung’s latest budget NVMe dri...
aarondr · Review provided by Best Buy
The NVMe SSD For Everyone
May 08, 2021
Samsung's lineup of SSDs can often be confusing with the various numbers and naming schemes. With this 980 NVMe SSD, Samsung has introduc...
ryanmcv · Review provided by Best Buy
Great NVMe Drive at a Good Price
January 10, 2022
I bought this drive to replace a sata SSD drive from Crucial. It gave okay speeds but was only 500gb and I wanted 1tb of space for my mai...
Benjamin · Review provided by Best Buy
Fast and affordable 1TB NVMe solution
November 14, 2021
Glad to see Samsung making a low cost, high quality 1TB SSD NVMe solution. I purchased this to expand the memory on my Alienware gaming l...
ITJIm · Review provided by Best Buy
Finally the affordable Samsung NVME we have wanted
May 24, 2021
Since 2013, I have been rocking a 500 GB Samsung 840 SATA SSD in my primary system and its many iterations. It has served me well and sti...
wvcrusader · Review provided by Best Buy
An excellent value
May 08, 2021
The NVMe market seems to be exploding. These drives are incredibly fast, the choices are getting more numerous, and prices are dropping. ...
Capshroud · Review provided by Best Buy
Another Samsung Winner at Excellent Price
May 08, 2021
To date I have six Samsung SSD and NVMe m.2 drives in my computers at home and pleased to be reviewing the Samsung 980 NVMe M.2 Internal ...
vrs99 · Review provided by Best Buy
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