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Causes permanent rust damage to concrete
May 19, 2020
I bought this fertilizer due to the high iron content to help prevent rust disease on my lawn. Unfortunately it started to rain before I ...
alastan · Review provided by samsclub.com
Wrought Iron Fence Beware
May 14, 2018
I’ve been using this product for a year and have been impressed by the results. My grass is far greener than any house in my neighborhood...
LanceR · Review provided by scotts.com
Grass is still dormant
March 19, 2021
I think this was the wrong application period for this product. My grass appears to still be dormant doesn’t want to wake up yet. I appli...
Alana · Review provided by scotts.com
tested on a good lawn... and
August 15, 2022
Even following the instructions, I didn't really see much improvement in the green landscape. I waited a whole week and nothing to claim ...
Joshua N · Review provided by scotts.com
July 16, 2021
I bought this about three weeks ago and finally put it down my backyard last week. My backyard is definitely greener, which is a great th...
ejoh14 · Review provided by scotts.com
Luke Warm Results.
May 04, 2022
I don’t have any weeds even though my neighbors yard has tons of them. The greening ability is not as good as I would have expected. More...
Bill R33 · Review provided by scotts.com
This product Did not grow much grass at all
October 02, 2021
This product did not perform as I had expected it to. It did grow a few blades of grass but it was very few and far in between. I was ver...
Dulce5353 · Review provided by scotts.com
Didn't see a difference
March 31, 2021
I received this product from Scotts. I put it down on my lawn on Saturday and waited three days before I wrote a review. I only put it on...
Percussionmom · Review provided by scotts.com
Green Max not greening.
September 08, 2014
I switch from Lesco over to Scotts on recommendation from Home Depot person.he said that most of his customers prefer the Scotts brand be...
Mbowman928 · Review provided by scotts.com
My Take on Scott's Max Green
September 30, 2014
I've used Scott's Max Green on many an occasion. Overall, I would say it is decent, somewhat better than average, but still decent. $40 i...
Konely21 · Review provided by scotts.com
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