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Good for blue light, not great for much else
March 17, 2023
If you’re looking for a screen cover that’s easy to install and reduces blue light, then this is great. Sadly it’s not perfect in many ot...
Elentiya · Review provided by ocushield.com
Is it worth the price?
November 11, 2021
I had the chance to try 4 types of screen protectors on my iPhone 13 Pro. This one left me a bit puzzled as I had high hopes, but it didn...
The Other S · Review provided by ocushield.com
Perfect except for covering speaker
August 15, 2022
The glass cover definitely helps with eyestrain. Unfortunately, on the iPhone 13 mini model, it also covers the speaker on the top of the...
Anonymous · Review provided by ocushield.com
Not for me
March 17, 2023
Unfortunately this didn’t work for me - it’s a good quality screen protector and I can see it’s helpful when you get the angle just right...
Jess · Review provided by ocushield.com
Dust inside the screen
July 01, 2020
I have the iPhone XS and after buying the MacBook Pro screen protector, thought it wise to invest in a screen for my phone too as I suffe...
Shannon · Review provided by ocushield.com
Can’t recommend
July 21, 2021
I assume this shield blocks blue light (but I haven’t measured it) and that’s the only reason I would give it 3 stars. The shield was a l...
ALLFLUKSD · Review provided by ocushield.com
It’s ok.. no big deal though, sorry
August 18, 2020
Overall I guess I notice a difference. The bubbles came out easily only had a few. I wouldn’t get it if you have an otter box case becaus...
Doreen B. · Review provided by ocushield.com
Disappointing strength
March 17, 2023
So, product was delivered very fast, and was super easy to fit. I do feel it reduces glare and my eyes don’t burn so much when I’m on my ...
M. P · Review provided by ocushield.com
cracks very easily
March 17, 2023
screen protector cracked within a day of owning. usually very careful with my phone. this has never happened to any other screen protecto...
2k18IZ · Review provided by ocushield.com
Good quality product which comes with weird applicator
March 17, 2020
Quick delivery, good product quality, and I wish I could give this a five star, but for the terrible applicator. If you are confident wit...
Quma · Review provided by ocushield.com
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