292 reviews
Good for the price
May 29, 2021
Yes the AMD 5000 series do beat this out. But try and buy a 5800x, 5900x or even a 5600x. Still this is a solid processor on a stable pla...
Dman · Review provided by Best Buy
Great CPU, terrible cooler.
April 09, 2021
Very good CPU overall and will handle any and everything you throw at it, my only gripe(and is the reason I'm not giving it 5 stars) is t...
Unknown6949 · Review provided by Best Buy
Great processor but not so great price.
December 25, 2020
AMD is still the bang for buck leader about 3 years in a row. With water cooling and the right motherboard (asrock) you can get 4.8 turbo...
CPUkid · Review provided by Best Buy
Great value
March 19, 2021
Great mid-high range gaming processor at a decent price point. Got mine on sale and it was a no brained. Getting 160-200 frames in modern...
Cris · Review provided by Best Buy
Its intel
June 03, 2021
Its Intel lol. Good for everyday and gaming I got the 10700 non k version dont need to oc. Got this cuz couldn't find a ryzen. Its decent...
Anonymous · Review provided by newegg.com
Computer build
October 17, 2020
Had a few issues with the computer they built for me and had to take it back a couple times in the first 48 hours. Everyone was helpful, ...
Rfrf · Review provided by Best Buy
Nice product
November 13, 2020
excellent product It was what I expected it just like that. I would like recommend this to a friend and it is easy to use. In this moment...
Yhair · Review provided by Best Buy
Great bang for the buck
March 26, 2021
Built a new pc in a time that makes pc building feel like hell. However, this well rounded cpu was in stock and the perfect fit for the b...
okBigHead · Review provided by Best Buy
Pretty good. Not the best but still pretty good
November 13, 2020
Very solid product for what I'm using (gaming, graphics, video editing) I would say you may want to look into AMD cpus as well and compar...
Jerrbear · Review provided by Best Buy
Good but power hungry
February 12, 2021
Other than power consumption no other cons. It draws 220+ w package total under prime 95 torture, requires the best cooler if you give it...
Jeff · Review provided by Best Buy
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