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Great design but quality is a zero
October 26, 2020
I bought this last month and was happy with it until. I set it outside on the patio near our chairs until I could figure the exact spot f...
uavphoenix · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Poor quality, breaks easily.
July 14, 2021
This product is very low quality compared to other purchases. The slightest wind gust causes her to topple over and the wings fell off an...
Judge · Review provided by designtoscano.com
This product leaves something to be desired...
April 21, 2015
While the size and design are nice, the quality of the materials and workmanship left a lot to be desired. The paint pulled off of the th...
LittleBird57 · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Evil personified.
June 15, 2021
I thought this Cambridge gargoyle had a certain mischief-laden charm until I received it. Immediately I had visions of my gardener crossi...
DJRiley · Review provided by zulily.com
Paint peeling after one month in moderate temps
June 04, 2016
I love this statue design. He is adorable. But unfortunately I have to voice the complaint of multiple other reviewers. The paint is peel...
May67 · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Beautiful...but poorly made
March 06, 2016
I bought 2 of these beautiful fairies....HOWEVER...on both the wings have broken off. They are too heavy for the manner in which they are...
Taki · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Terrible quality
May 16, 2015
I was really excited to order this piece. Loved the design and a great addition for our small patio. However after ONE full round of sea...
pfitz524 · Review provided by designtoscano.com
Not for Outside
September 24, 2018
It's a decent statue, but not for outside. I sprayed mine with Krylon, but within a month the paint had peeled so badly that you couldn't...
Star · Review provided by designtoscano.com
June 11, 2018
Bought so much stuff from them. It all fades. Not good for outdoors!!! They should have a better outdoor protection on them for the price...
Ronya · Review provided by designtoscano.com
No I would not buy this statue again
July 09, 2018
I was very disappointed in the color of the statue. I thought it was off white but arrived a dark greenish color! I have waited since Jun...
Janetsky · Review provided by gardeners.com
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