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Great quality
May 14, 2023
I recently purchased the iPhone 11 64g black and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The iPhone has exceeded my expectations in te...
Fatayi · Review provided by straighttalk.com
March 15, 2023
Facts: Galaxy Samsung 7 android supported web browsing with internet browsing over computer supported capabilities. The utilities on this...
Darrell Egland · Review provided by Google
February 10, 2023
My boyfriend got this phone. Set everything up as should, bought the plan, got the sim card. Worked for maybe 2 days? Now the phone only ...
Charity · Review provided by walmart.com
Worse phone non activation ever!
November 23, 2022
Check with current carrier to see if your number is eligible to transfer. You will need a PIN number before transferring to Straight talk...
Debbie · Review provided by walmart.com
LOCKED device - a total waste of time, in every sense.
February 08, 2022
2 star review is because the physical condition was better than expected and I appreciate the availability of the model (colorize etc). H...
Kieran W. · Review provided by buy.gazelle.com
Do not buy save your money
April 19, 2022
First of all the phone is described as Grade A. Upon receiving phone you could tell that this phone has been significantly used. The colo...
Vez · Review provided by walmart.com
Walmart doesn’t train its employees or care us!
March 09, 2023
Bought 3 iPhones for black Friday. My wife and son activated theirs then with no problems. I kept mine for a backup phone. Finally decide...
Michael · Review provided by walmart.com
do not buy until after reading
May 15, 2023
when not even given the chance to know whats wrong with the phone you know already theres a red flag. phone screen has a glitch on it tha...
AdamF · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Horrible experience !!! No help!!! Wasted money!!!
January 19, 2023
When I bought this phone I was under the intention that I could use it with my Verizon plan. Not that I have to switch my phone plan to u...
amanda · Review provided by walmart.com
March 08, 2022
I have had an iPhone since forever. People have told me to switch to Samsung but I have resisted, however I am Now listening. I can not ...
Lia Gammon · Review provided by Google
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