51 reviews
Very Deeply Flawed & Overly Expensive
June 02, 2021
This is a very, very flawed case that offers no protection to the MOST VULNERABLE part of the phone, the very bottom. The flip cover is a...
Don Johnson · Review provided by Google
Avoid at all costs. WILL SCRATCH YOUR SCREEN!
March 17, 2020
I ordered this case prior to my new Note 10 Plus arrival as I wanted it protected from day one. So the first thing and I mean first thing...
rwilliam · Review provided by samsung.com
Notification issues
August 23, 2019
It doesn't perform as expected and knowing when you have notifications without flipping the cover is impossible despite hours of tweaking...
dox0 · Review provided by samsung.com
Doesn't work as advertised
November 13, 2020
the view shown in the product pictures is only visible for 6 seconds. after that time, notifications are not visible. the case doesn't re...
SamsungUser · Review provided by samsung.com
Scratched my phone with little use
October 16, 2019
I only had this cover for about 1 to 3 months and the side where the display was scratched my phone. Considering that the Note10+ is an e...
LAKi · Review provided by samsung.com
Samsung Note 10+ SView
December 12, 2019
I purchased for $54.99 and a few days later they took the price down to $37.49. My product came in and it is NOT a TRI FOLD! SO IT DOES N...
SSSSS · Review provided by samsung.com
Poor, the app, which is the main point of the purchase doesnt work with my phone.
October 11, 2021
Poor, the app, which is the main point of the purchase doesnt work with my phone.
pren6264 · Review provided by ebay.com
Doesn't offer any protection
March 03, 2020
Skip this one. It's a hassle and poorly designed. It does not protect the phone.
dsx724 · Review provided by samsung.com
It doesnt keep notifications displayed ???
August 23, 2019
Thought the side window would show notifications until you opened it but after 3 seconds they go away but the time/date stays.. why?
Joese · Review provided by samsung.com
Don't do it!
April 03, 2020
This case offers zero protection against anything. It's just like having a naked phone!
SungGal · Review provided by samsung.com
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