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The thermal compound heat sinks dream of
January 31, 2020
Been building and overclocking desktop pc and repairing system's seriously since about 2014, first interested in ICT, custom builds and d...
azeris2099 · Review provided by ebay.com
An optimal and affordable thermal paste
August 30, 2021
This thermal paste helps to keep my new computer's cpu nice and cool. Make sure to use this paste with a good after-market cpu air or wat...
PC builder UK · Review provided by scan.co.uk
Bewertung für Arctic MX-4 2019 Waermeleitpaste 4g
December 02, 2021
its a cheap thermal paste that gets the job done. just bear in mind this produkt doesnt come with the little spatua to spread the thermal...
Yon · Review provided by mindfactory.de
May 21, 2023
I had a cheap 1.42w/mK thermalpaste so comparing to this… it is amazing. My processor is cooler with 10degree celsius. Ryzen 7 7700 + aer...
· Review provided by digitec.ch
Bewertung für Arctic MX-4 2019 Waermeleitpaste 4g
May 27, 2022
There is enough product for aprox. 5 uses, which came very handy for an amateur PC builder like myself who has to learn through trial and...
Nikolaos · Review provided by mindfactory.de
Work fine and contains plenty of paste
May 06, 2022
Recently changed CPU cooler because temperatures got too high. They went from 80+ on Intel Boost to 50-ish. I used this paste. Did it pla...
RayVK · Review provided by scan.co.uk
Used to fix ps3 after overheating problem
March 13, 2019
My dad's ps3 was overheating i could hear the fan going so i put it down to dead thermal paste. Up on opening the ps3 up my suspicions we...
marklynch1992 · Review provided by ebay.com
Don't know about quiet that's ebay trying a little too hard to be "in"
August 17, 2021
Yes love it - worked as expected - nicely allowing an old I5 stock cooler to cool an I7 amazingly - I hadn'e applied thermal paste for so...
philc2017 · Review provided by ebay.com
It's thermal paste.
August 16, 2021
Paste used as a thermal conductor. dirt cheap. does the job, especially for a dumdum like me. worked first attempt ever at mounting a hea...
Jared M. · Review provided by pccasegear.com
Good quality paste easy to spread
July 28, 2022
much eaiser to spread then arctic silver 5 so can be sure of good coverage temps are about the same as when using as5 for cpu also re-pas...
TomH · Review provided by scan.co.uk
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