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Huge Disappointment
April 11, 2022
I want to start my saying I've always been a HUGE fan of Samsung. I've had Galaxy phones since the original S1 came out, and even have al...
Jordan · Review provided by samsung.com
March 15, 2022
Why do you all keep removing the main features I purchase a Samsung phone for. NO Micro SD Card Support (Strike 1), Why does Samsung sell...
The Main Galaxy Customer · Review provided by samsung.com
Ring/Notifications don't work.
March 23, 2022
Here's the thing... to use the phone most of us need to have bluetooth connected as there is not audio jack you can just plug in to. Any ...
Matt · Review provided by samsung.com
Does Samsung Care about Me as a Customer?
September 30, 2022
DO NOT UPGRADE FROM S21+ TO S22+. BEWARE AND SAVE YOUR MONEY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. I would like to say, I went to a new carrier with better...
UnhappyWithSTwentyTwoPlus · Review provided by samsung.com
June 28, 2022
Poor battery life, Unlocked phones - no visual VM, stop copy pasting your script/ template that you prepare for us users telling us what ...
Brk1 · Review provided by samsung.com
Are you sure the gorilla glass is the best option?
March 07, 2022
Unfortunately this is a short review as the new s22 ultra was broken within 24 hours of recieving it. I don't normally write reviews how...
Jesse Mosley · Review provided by Google
Glutten for punishment? Then buy this phone.
June 20, 2022
I was miserable using this phone. My husband and I took the financial hit to pay it off and trade it in at Verizon just to be rid of the ...
Keri Ray · Review provided by Google
Poor performance and crashing issues
December 28, 2022
I've had a few different Samsung phones in the past with good experiences, as well as different iPhone models and a Pixel phone. I got t...
Kyle Grimsrud · Review provided by Google
Beware of Samsung's Warranty Process
July 15, 2022
Don't buy a Samsung unless you have a backup or can go 2 weeks without a phone if any issues arise. Their only warranty replacement optio...
Sam Matthews · Review provided by Google
Great features terrible battery!
June 27, 2022
The performance of this phone is everything I've come to expect from a Samsung Galaxy. I'm so happy about the upgraded fingerprint scanne...
Craig · Review provided by samsung.com
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