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Way better than others have made it out to be
January 16, 2022
A lot of the reviews had me down on the prospect of this being useful or even enjoyable, but I'm really glad I got one. Long story short:...
triggatrev · Review provided by Target
Looks super cool, works fine, and yep...it has fan noise
December 29, 2021
I almost didn't get one because of all the negative reviews about the noise, but I just couldn't help myself - it looks so cool! I broke ...
· Review provided by Target
Didn't work, also got the lesser of two models
December 29, 2021
So I scoured New York City to find one of these, and was thrilled when I found one that was like a 45-minute bus ride away. I still made ...
James · Review provided by Target
Great for the novelty but inferior design.
December 10, 2021
I bought two of these and was completely disappointed. Only buy if you are a collector and do not plan to use it. I should have known som...
TheGeekHunter · Review provided by Target
AVOID THIS!! Does not work; not ready for mass market.
December 09, 2021
Unfortunately, this fridge does not work. Leaving it on for 3 days, it freezes over, as shown in the picture, and causes an ever louder n...
RivitPDX · Review provided by Target
Good as a gift for someone
February 12, 2022
So I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews about this fridge but I still wanted it anyways for my game room. I waited a week before writing this r...
JP · Review provided by Target
Works great
November 28, 2021
Not sure what everyone was expecting to get from this thing, especially for 100 bucks, but it works great for me. Instruction manual stat...
Ryan · Review provided by Target
Its not as cool as I thought it would be
June 17, 2022
Pun intended. Seriously though I have been excited to get this since it was originally released and sold out instantly. I heard some revi...
Nick · Review provided by Target
It's a $100 Thermoelectric Frridge - What Are You Expecting?
November 27, 2021
I bought this to replace my little mini fridge that I keep under my desk for 710. I also bought this fridge at target for $40? (I may be ...
JD · Review provided by Target
Low quality products, died after 5 months.
June 25, 2022
At first I was really happy with the product. I followed the instructions and turned it off every couple of days so that it would not bui...
Alazar · Review provided by Target
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