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Looks super cool, works fine, and yep...it has fan noise
December 29, 2021
I almost didn't get one because of all the negative reviews about the noise, but I just couldn't help myself - it looks so cool! I broke ...
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It's a $100 Thermoelectric Frridge - What Are You Expecting?
November 27, 2021
I bought this to replace my little mini fridge that I keep under my desk for 710. I also bought this fridge at target for $40? (I may be ...
JD · Review provided by Target
Not great but not nearly as horrible as people are saying
November 26, 2021
Received my pre-order a few days ago and have been toying around with it ever since. Keep in mind this is NOT an actual refrigerator but ...
Niki ES · Review provided by Target
Cold drinks at 120 FPS
November 27, 2021
Starting off with the bad things: this fridge is loud. I'd say it is about as loud as a desktop computer under load. The space is also pr...
DrMario1981 · Review provided by Target
More like a cooler than a fridge
November 25, 2021
Honestly I think the fridge is pretty neat. Yes the fan is a bit loud on max but I feel like it’s as loud as a fan someone would run to k...
Just giving my two cents · Review provided by Target
Works as expected
November 29, 2021
It’s a thermoelectric cooler and not a mini fridge per say, which in marketing this wasn’t extremely clear. It also turns out that there ...
Sam · Review provided by Target
Works as expected!
January 26, 2022
First, its not that loud. No louder than my gaming pc’s fans with intensive gaming and on eco mode you barely here it at all. I run it on...
Oldskool · Review provided by Target
A for Novelty, F- for Functionality
January 16, 2022
Cool novelty but cheaply manufactured and things like the buttons are loose. As for noise, it’s about as loud a PC. The $100 price point ...
XboxGamer · Review provided by Target
It's a cooler, not a fridge
February 02, 2022
The cooler actually gets cold enough to generate frost unlike most thermoelectric coolers. It’s not designed for continuous use. It doesn...
T · Review provided by Target
December 25, 2021
not perfect but this is not a product worth all the hate. Yes it makes noise, but the “max” setting is very similar to a white noise sett...
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