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Don't Buy It For The Functionality
May 02, 2022
Poor Quality. It literally stopped working after a few months of use. Sure it looks cool, and worked initially, but It Died Without Heavy...
CorruptionDee · Review provided by Target
Mine Didn't Come With Any Cords
December 25, 2021
I opened up mine for Christmas today and it didn't come with any power cords. Nothing to plug into the wall or not even the car. So I can...
J · Review provided by Target
Buy a Different Fridge
April 12, 2022
I love the design. It is made to look like an Xbox, but just a month or two later, the fridge has stopped working. Which means I need to ...
ChrisInVegas · Review provided by Target
Lasted 7 months
August 23, 2022
Mine finally died, but only because I unplugged it for a week because I ran out of soda. It literally got the electronics wet inside and ...
· Review provided by Target
Not worth the money
December 03, 2021
This thing is more of a display item. It isn’t made for continuous use and it says it may leak inside of that fridge over time. There isn...
Dave · Review provided by Target
Neat, but way too loud
November 22, 2021
If you want it just to display, it does look nice and you'll probably be happy with it. I can't recommend it if you intend to use it sinc...
Tyler · Review provided by Target
Fridge is Too Loud!
November 23, 2021
It's a nice cool looking fridge lights and all. But the fan is really loud. I haven't tested if it gets cold enough. But just hearing the...
LilRex · Review provided by Target
Its Too Loud
January 23, 2022
The fridge Is Way Too Loud, My Pc And Xbox Series X Combined Are Much Quieter Than This, Theres Also Two Verions Of The Xbox Fridge, One ...
Jose · Review provided by Target
more of a gimmick than a working fridge
December 19, 2022
funny thing, the real xbox series x will fit inside this fridge. so on those hot summer days you can keep your console cool. took 2 days ...
rik from vic · Review provided by jbhifi.com.au
Not recomended for a room
October 06, 2022
I like the design, but I put some cans in it for over 12 hours and it wasn’t even really that cold. I think it’ll only work if it’s in an...
Sheldon · Review provided by Target
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