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Exploring Tayrona National Park
December 21, 2022
My wife [Name removed] had the opportunity to try her new Nike Zoomx Zegama Trail shoes during our trip to Santa Marta in Colombia. We hi...
Nicolas · Review provided by store.nike.com
Grippy Clouds for Your Feet
December 02, 2022
I needed a new pair of multi-purpose, go-anywhere shoes and this ticks almost every box. The deep treading was large enough to play socce...
Douglas · Review provided by store.nike.com
Springy, comfortable shoes
November 30, 2022
These shoes have a unique look and feel. The heels have a ton of spring to them, much more than I’ve felt from any others. The design of ...
Daniel · Review provided by store.nike.com
Zegama Trail Review
November 28, 2022
Fit & Feel: This is the most important factor to me when trying on a shoe. I can honestly say I am impressed with the one to one fit this...
Arnold · Review provided by store.nike.com
Comfort. Stability. Durability.
November 30, 2022
I have a few pairs of trail shoes that I like to rotate between, and these ones are by far one of my favorites. The design of the shoe is...
Stephanie · Review provided by store.nike.com
Nike Zoomx Zegama Trail
November 30, 2022
My family and I like to hike and take walks together especially on the weekends and as we get closer to the holidays, we have had days of...
Gloria · Review provided by store.nike.com
Comfortable and well fitting on and off the trail
November 28, 2022
Each week I hike about 12 miles. The crazy thing is, I have never had the proper shoes for it, as much as I love hiking and trail running...
Tyler · Review provided by store.nike.com
Nike trail running shoes first timer!
December 03, 2022
These are the first time that I’ve gone running with Nike Trail shoes. They are super comfortable and lightweight. I own shoes similar to...
Nnenna · Review provided by store.nike.com
A Great Suprise!
November 28, 2022
Had my eye on the Zegama for a while. Looked like a good max cushion go-long trail option but I was leery as I have not used Nike shoes b...
Todd · Review provided by store.nike.com
Zoomx Zegama Trail
December 02, 2022
I have to say I was very impressed with the Zoomx Zegama Trail Hiking shoes. From the very first step into the shoe you can feel how comf...
Valerie · Review provided by store.nike.com
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