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Excellent gaming and wfh monitor. Worth every cent
November 18, 2020
One of the best monitors around. Good response and colour replication and perfect for gaming and WFH. It's no wonder that this monitor is...
Mike (AU) · Review provided by LG
Great Job LG!!!!
October 18, 2020
Unboxing: It's a typical tv package with Styrofoam holders that although looks fantastic on the outside offers nothing special. 7/10 Set-...
andrew · Review provided by walmart.com
Very happy!
October 27, 2020
My previous monitor was a 27in TN 1080p, g sync compatible, 144hz, and 1ms. Zero stutter, zero flickering, zero ghosting... pure gaming p...
· Review provided by Micro Center
Great Monitor - Recommended
August 31, 2021
I have been using this monitor for a few weeks, every business day all day. My primary requirement is for work. I'm an IT consultant and ...
PeterG · Review provided by LG
Best IPS panels around
January 04, 2022
LG has some of the best IPS panels available, very crisp colors, and wide color variation. Has virtually no backlight bleed through plus ...
Keegan R · Review provided by Micro Center
Great Monitor for Gaming
November 07, 2020
I have not used many IPS monitors, but among those that I have used, this one is the best. The colors are very sharp, the blacks are deep...
· Review provided by Micro Center
Best Gaming Monitor I've Used To Date!!
October 25, 2020
Let me preface what I'm writing by saying I have only a single 2080 Super GPU driving my graphical output. I wanted to jump from a really...
giff74 · Review provided by Micro Center
Currently the best gaming monitor format in its price range
November 13, 2019
I used to use a typical 48 home TV for SIM racing and gaming in general. But after reviewing many other SIM racer's monitor set ups, I re...
Peter · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
Great 1440 144Hz gaming monitor
September 05, 2021
Been keeping an eye out for several monitors including this one, when B&H had it on sale and paypal additionally had a discount if you us...
Donald · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
In Theory this is one of the Best; Possible Future edit once my build is complete.
February 14, 2021
I cannot provide a review based on experience at this point because it's still in the box waiting for the completion of my in-process pc ...
Shawn O · Review provided by Micro Center
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