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Great large entry level 4K monitor with all cables
March 30, 2022
I've been using this for a month and a half now as a second monitor. It initially was to be my primary PC gaming monitor, but the lack of...
AV8TR · Review provided by LG
Great Monitor - Recommended
August 31, 2021
I have been using this monitor for a few weeks, every business day all day. My primary requirement is for work. I'm an IT consultant and ...
PeterG · Review provided by LG
July 02, 2022
The picture quality looks great to my eyes, even off axis. The UI with its joystick is reasonably snappy, most of the time, strangely bet...
SJSL · Review provided by scan.co.uk
This UltraGear Gaming Monitor Is In The Top 5!!!
August 23, 2020
I've Unleashed and been using this ultra beast now for over two months and I've been pushing it to it's full potential extensively using ...
RonnieBoBonnie · Review provided by LG
Excellent Gaming Monitor
August 01, 2022
Pretty much delivers all features promised, but its not perfect. Here is my experience. 1) Poor quality of DP cable included - Within 1 ...
· Review provided by LG
Good monitor with flaws if you try to use DP1.4
January 08, 2021
I bought this expecting it to work with HDR10 and its wider colour gamut. The G-Sync compatibility was a bonus but not a selling point fo...
Mike · Review provided by LG
Darks not so dark. Good value
September 13, 2021
Im not much of a tech geek, but I there were a few things I was looking for in a monitor. Here's how this one stacks up. Big: check. Its...
Gunars · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
Excellent gaming and wfh monitor. Worth every cent
November 18, 2020
One of the best monitors around. Good response and colour replication and perfect for gaming and WFH. It's no wonder that this monitor is...
Mike (AU) · Review provided by LG
Did not get my money's wurth...
November 20, 2021
Had high expectations of this 499.99 monitor. Sadly there was light bleeding on dark scenes. Top left, small areas along top horizontal e...
Manny · Review provided by Best Buy
Superb Monitor for the Price!
May 27, 2021
I recently purchased this monitor to replace a decade-old HP (25-inch) 2511x 1080p glossy monitor, which has served me very well and is s...
Fred · Review provided by bhphotovideo.com
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