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Great tablet, s pen gave out after a little over a month, Samsung customer service has bungled getting me a replacement s pen for two months now, they mean well but are largely ineffective that won't get your issues resolved.
November 19, 2020
Samsung made a beautiful tablet, but not made to last with the s pen and the keyboard cover. The keyboard cover alone for not having back...
Bryan Ayala · Review provided by Google
Not their best
December 20, 2020
I have had every samsung tablet that has come out. I have always trusted them and they have proven to be reliable, well designed and exce...
Telfix · Review provided by binglee.com.au
August 29, 2020
When I first received the Tab 7+ I was very excited. THIS IS MY FIRST TABLET... ever! I was happy to pay a Premium price for a premium de...
Anonymous · Review provided by binglee.com.au
Bought used
August 12, 2021
Would be great rewiew for tablet not so much for keyboard. Noticed so far pop up view border of app and mouse pointer too close when mous...
Sad guy covid no · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Too much
October 31, 2020
I used to love Samsung they were the company that fought away apples overpriced products with android. However with their new product rel...
Anonymous · Review provided by binglee.com.au
Disappointed, Do not recommend
February 03, 2022
battery does not make it through day. have to power off and reboot about every 3 days as apps just crash or quit working. poor design for...
Welshgap · Review provided by samsung.com
November 23, 2021
The liquid from the lcd froze from Halloween, snow out, brand new, but thats covered by manufacturer warranty. If the thing cant stand a ...
Travis · Review provided by samsung.com
Super fast, but aspect ratio ridiculous, use 4:3
September 03, 2020
The aspect ratio is ridiculous, it should be 4:3 like the iPad.. none thought why the iPad is the market leader?? and they are being usin...
ctwyo · Review provided by samsung.com
October 01, 2021
Has a nice look, but they lie about the size. Maybe the box is 12.4 but the item irs self is hardly 11.5. How sad we'll kets get this thi...
Xiao Fang Ge · Review provided by Google
Arrived with damaged sharp pen.
September 17, 2020
Arrived with a damaged s pen with a sharp plastic edge. Felt very fragile, the case is a waste of money no protection. magnetic hold isnt...
Bex97 · Review provided by binglee.com.au
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