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Page Turning Mystery!
May 30, 2021
This book follows Hannah, who you truly cannot help but love, as she navigates life after receiving a note from her husband Owen that con...
One To Fifty Two · Review provided by Target
Reasonable Story but no real Hook!
January 31, 2023
I found this generally well written, interesting plot. The writer just manages to keep the readers' interest as the story unfolds, it doe...
Brian BLD · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
Heart pounding thriller!
May 09, 2021
Protect her. That’s the last note Owen Michaels has for his wife, Hannah. This thriller was WILD!!! Technically this book was classified ...
Danielle · Review provided by Target
September 22, 2021
Great book. Kept me guessing for a long while. Another great read on the Reese Witherspoon Hello Sunshine bookclub. Easy read and lots of...
fleur.w · Review provided by influenster.com
Terrible writing and storytelling. Disappointing.
November 07, 2022
Terrible story and character development. I don’t understand why so many people enjoy this book. Oh I know. It’s because it has Reese Wit...
M77 · Review provided by Target
Great read!
November 06, 2022
I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to find out who Owen really was and what he did! Would recommend. My typical genre is roman...
Anniexo · Review provided by Target
May 23, 2022
Good suspense read. Not sure where the characters were going at first, then slowly take shape. Keeps in touch with all ages, each has a r...
Judith · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
Title Sounds Rather Innocent...
January 05, 2023
The book is very well written - expecially with the narrative switching from present to past events - I was also impressed with the devel...
IstO Florida · Review provided by Target
June 12, 2021
This book was so good! I couldn’t put it down! It was a suspense mystery book! I love how it made me think! It was basically about what y...
kellen.h · Review provided by influenster.com
The Last Thing He Told Me
October 30, 2021
Caring for and protecting the people you love is easy except then you are lied to and left in the dark. The marriage of Michael & Hannah ...
MYRA · Review provided by basbleu.com
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