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January 08, 2023
I have really enjoyed getting to download the Microsoft Office 365 Personal 12-month subscription. I love using Microsoft Word and using ...
Keith L. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
Easy instruction, free tech support but takes forever to get through
January 11, 2023
In the past I had a hard time with downloadable software. I always wanted to have an actual disk to install for this reason. I had heard ...
Jordan P. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
Microsoft 365
January 22, 2023
Received a flash drive and everything uploaded with no issues. This Windows version seems to have a better interface with Windows 10 than...
Angela C. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
January 21, 2023
MS Office 2013 is a good well-done product. It contains a huge host of capabilities. No one ever uses it all. I rather think that someone...
Jonathan R. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
Office only a little bit cheaper!
January 05, 2023
What else can be said other than Office is Office. Bought this to replace Office 2010. Let me tell you, a decade of quality of life impro...
Kelsey C. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
Good bundle but not easy to install
January 11, 2023
It's fairly easy to use. I only have a few complaints. First, One Note always opens in Spanish (probably because the person who installed...
Jonathan T. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
December 31, 2022
My husband is not familiar with technology and bought this Corel Office Traditional Disc for his Windows 10 O/S Laptop that did not have ...
Lisa R. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
January 12, 2023
2016 version is very very different than what I expected. Tied to use Excel for downloaded my telephone call log as I do every month for ...
Rachel F. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
Fácil de instalar
January 25, 2023
Just as others have previously written, this product will give you legit copies of the full MSFT Office suite. That said, the install and...
Stephen F. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
Good product
January 06, 2023
I highly recommend Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus over Microsoft Office 365 any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Unless there is some...
Stephanie M. · Review provided by thefoxkeys.com
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