80 reviews
It would be great if not damaged!
June 14, 2021
I purchased this fountain/planter last week. It was very heavy and not easy to maneuver.The box appeared to be taped up so maybe it was r...
Donna · Review provided by bjs.com
It's pretty but had issues.
July 09, 2020
The positive: I love the look. I love the sound of the water. I love the beautiful flowers that I planted in the bottom. I also shopped a...
Ann Marie · Review provided by bjs.com
Damaged Fountain
July 23, 2019
We had a difficult time finding a BJs that still had this fountain in stock. Unfortunately, the only one we could find was the display mo...
Dave · Review provided by bjs.com
Pump stopped working after three days
June 05, 2020
The look is beautiful. Pump stopped working. Don't know if it has a leak or not. Have ordered a stronger pump awaiting arrival
Dean · Review provided by bjs.com
No wouldn't buy this product again
May 23, 2020
We fill it with water and every other day is is empty can't figure out where the water is going and this one was replaced same problem again
Bup · Review provided by bjs.com
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