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The only device able to pull me away from.iPhone
October 12, 2022
Hello, everyone! I hope this review can provide some insight and inform some people coming from iPhone or upgrading from another android ...
SolidBoss7 · Review provided by samsung.com
So far, so incredible
September 10, 2022
After seeing the first few renditions of this model i was always super intrigued as i have always loved samsung and the idea of having an...
grantk · Review provided by samsung.com
Great gimmick, great execution *concessions needed
October 09, 2022
Just bought the phone, been using it for a few days. There's no real issues I personally have, but understand that you MUST go into buyin...
Patchy · Review provided by samsung.com
Great device, well built, hard to go back to old
October 06, 2022
2nd fold model I've owned from Samsung. Top down the best pocket friendly mobile device you can own. I work in IT and the extra large int...
· Review provided by samsung.com
I Still learning
February 18, 2023
Samsung Z Flip 4 key specs Screen size: Main screen 6.7-inch, front screen 1.9-inch Resolution: 2640 x 1080 (425 ppi) Operating system: A...
MissOrangeBall · Review provided by samsung.com
New Era of Folding Phones is here to stay
February 10, 2023
I have been using my Flip 4 for just over a week. There is definately a wow-factor with this device, everyone stares at it! Visually, in ...
sachy · Review provided by samsung.com
December 12, 2022
I absolutely love the idea of the Z fold phones and it has definitely been an interesting ownership experience. After purchasing the phon...
· Review provided by samsung.com
Software Is A Little Too Detached; Overall Great!
December 08, 2022
I've had the phone for a little over three months. In short, the experience it a little too broken with apps often needing restarts to fu...
teepiece3 · Review provided by samsung.com
August 30, 2022
This Astonishing Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 is the latest addition to my Samsung collection. Its a sleek, stylish and beautiful flip phone but...
Wandana9 · Review provided by samsung.com
Folding into the future
October 15, 2022
When the original Z Fold came out it caught my attention, however, the fragility of the device combined with the exceedingly high price t...
Mana · Review provided by samsung.com
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