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Great sound, terrible and frustrating setup process.
January 06, 2022
This is a great product for people already familiar with the Sonos ecosystem. However, it makes a rather poor gift for non-tech savvy peo...
Wish it used Bluetooth by default · Review provided by sonos.com
Great for travel - SONOS "Roam"
July 01, 2021
This is an updated review after close to 3 mos. of use. The Roam is a great wireless speaker; I would prefer a little more sound range on...
James S. Jetton · Review provided by Google
Familiar Sonos Sound in a portable speaker
March 22, 2022
Overall, I am very happy with the Sonos Roam. It sounds great with a nice depth in the audio quality that you don't usually get in Blueto...
VandyRaw · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Versatile and capable little unit
December 09, 2021
This has become a little favourite around the house. I often have it sitting at the back of my desk for a decent setup for music while I ...
Troy____ · Review provided by jbhifi.com.au
Great sound a little fussy
July 30, 2022
I love these speakers. I setup 2 speakers for stereo sound. The setup was very simple and quick. I have Sonos on my iPhone and the setup ...
· Review provided by sonos.com
Rough start but IN LOVE
February 15, 2022
From the minute i was introduced to sonos, i was a changed person. It was like hearing music id heard a thousand times again for the very...
· Review provided by sonos.com
Requires an initial setup using the Sonos S2 app!
June 18, 2021
Nice sounding portable speaker with decent battery life and intuitive controls, but be aware that it's not a normal bluetooth speaker but...
rsouthern · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Good - not great.
September 01, 2022
This is by far the 'weakest' of the SONOS lineup and it shows when comparing it to a ONE/ PLAY:1. My intent was to use this as an outdoor...
Njs4ce4a11 · Review provided by bestbuy.com
Sonos fans rejoice, the best portable speaker
April 20, 2021
If you’re here to know if the sound is worth the price without taking the features and the Sonos ecosystem into account the answer is: No...
ComputerTech7 · Review provided by bestbuy.com
January 09, 2022
I use this product for three reasons: I use this product primarily at my work place. I work in an operating room (the size of a large bed...
StinkyBritches · Review provided by sonos.com
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