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Very difficult to setup
October 03, 2022
I have a new laptop and Dell docking station. Following your instructions on preparing docking station, it says I have to make sure BIOS ...
John I. · Review provided by dell.com
Adding an SSD is an utter nightmare
December 20, 2021
Dell could have used standard head screws, screws that aren't half plastic, and a bit less Lock-tite. But no, they used the tiniest freak...
· Review provided by dell.com
Facing hardware issues even in new replacement machine. Disappointed with the quality control. Not sure if this is normal.
April 18, 2021
The current 9700 XPS that I own is a replacement machine. After a year long ordeal with my old faulty machine I got this recently, and ag...
sparkeplug · Review provided by dell.com
Do Not Buy
August 25, 2021
After extensive research and in an attempt to avoid the fruit company, I bought the new 2021 XPS 17. I have had it for less than 4 months...
Katherine Hendry · Review provided by Google
Be aware of mouse pad issue!
April 10, 2021
the mouse pad is so large one cannot help hitting it with the palms of one's hands causing the courser to jump all over the page constant...
Paul · Review provided by dell.com
XPS 17 9700
June 29, 2021
The XPS 17 9700 is a faulty machine. I bought one and went through a lot in the hope of having it fixed but there was no solution: Dell s...
Frustrated User · Review provided by dell.com
December 30, 2020
I will never buy from Dell again. Even if the laptop performs (still awaiting that one) but you have to be careful when they offer a disc...
G. M. B. · Review provided by dell.com
Dell junk - motherboard dead after less then 2 months
January 19, 2022
Don't never buy Dell products, it is junk! I made mistake that i never going to repat again. The issue that has happened with this laptop...
Jacob Gvozdenovic · Review provided by Google
Horrible experience with a high end laptop. Never choose dell
March 06, 2021
Always have something wrong with it. Being either track pad issues, pixelation issues with the screen, getting the blue screen of death, ...
David Finley · Review provided by Google
Defective unit took hours to troubleshoot
January 10, 2021
The following elements would not work at all: Webcam, Microphone. The LCD monitor would sometimes work, but then sometimes display nothin...
Monte Parent · Review provided by dell.com
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