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Nice design but not worth the money it cost.
July 01, 2020
Put together easily even though directions are terrible and I missed the detail that it was made of plastic. My mistake. I was still eage...
Kelly · Review provided by walmart.com
can't blame China, this is on Alpine
September 11, 2018
China's manufacturers can build to the quality, design and tolerances their client are willing to contract for-clearly Alpine was soaking...
frankly speaking · Review provided by Hayneedle
Melts in the sun
July 20, 2022
It’s very cute but ours sits in the afternoon sun and when it gets hot, the plastic gets hot and flexible and the fountain leans and we l...
Jenijeni · Review provided by Target
June 08, 2020
Yes it works, if you can get it leveled, yes it makes a soothing sound with the water. Its plastic and its cheap, the 4 parts on top move...
Lisa · Review provided by walmart.com
water fountain
May 31, 2022
I did everything possible to level this fountain. It ran off one side and water splashed out. I had to consistently refill with water. I ...
Aweth · Review provided by Target
October 23, 2018
Terrible! Don't let the price fool you; way to light for a fountain. I had to tie it down to keep it from falling over. It didn't take lo...
Shirlianne · Review provided by walmart.com
May 17, 2018
I picked this out for myself as a Mother’s Day gift from my son. What a disappointment ..the copper tube used to connect the pump had a w...
Disappointed · Review provided by walmart.com
May 13, 2020
I really like the bird bath. But the water fountain is really junk. Couldn’t get it to work right. The instructions were worthless. Very ...
Trimline · Review provided by walmart.com
I would not buy this again.
July 02, 2018
It is a bunch of junk. It is to wobbly it just about falls over in the wind. The splatter causes it to be filled at least three times a d...
Tar Heel · Review provided by Hayneedle
June 04, 2018
We had one heck of a time controlling the water volume. There was not a flow control on the pump. I bought two new pumps with the control...
JoAnne · Review provided by Hayneedle
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