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Excellent laptop, no Linux pre-installation
February 15, 2022
I had to remove Windows 11 in favour of Linux owing to Microsoft's egregious business models and the resulting sub-par software which it ...
· Review provided by dell.com
A great machine - A design DISASTER: XPS 15(9510)
January 05, 2022
I have been an ardent fan of Dell, probably waiting to be extremely disappointed now. By the features and looks of this laptop, it's a pr...
Vishal · Review provided by dell.com
Blazing fast, runs cool and is light, what more could you ask for? An OLED Touch screen - got it. Amazing laptop.
September 14, 2021
This laptop is by far the fastest I have ever owned and I have had other highly rated laptops, this one smokes them. I am a scientist wor...
A PhD immunologist · Review provided by dell.com
Amazing new laptop-desktop replacement
August 24, 2021
I have been using Dell and Mac laptops and computers for over past decade. This is my best laptop ever. The new i9-11900H processor is an...
Pal Pacher · Review provided by dell.com
Decent hardware hobbled by crap software
February 13, 2022
Out of the box battery life is mediocre. Using a ~100 Wh battery would obviously help. Only having USB-C is a common design trend these d...
will · Review provided by dell.com
XPS 15 - oh dear
April 01, 2022
The day after ordering the XPS15 and before Dll took payment the price was reduced by £400, the RAM was doubled and Windows 11 Pro was pr...
martincg · Review provided by dell.com
Fantastic Laptop ruined by horrid trackpad
August 26, 2021
Laptop has great specs, fantastic OLED display. Great size and style design, however trackpad and keyboard are the worst I have ever used...
Alex · Review provided by dell.com
Would be great if not for quality control issues
August 17, 2021
Maybe it's because I had high hopes for it but ultimately it has been a disappointing experience so far. I've had to get the display cha...
JP · Review provided by dell.com
The Ultrabook That Won't Quit
September 21, 2021
The last time I had a Dell was back in 2006 as a middle school student and it lasted me well over 10 years due to the quality and upgrada...
Edward · Review provided by dell.com
Good but keyboard layout and trackpad needs improv
September 21, 2021
The computer a good, especially the screen. However, there are a few things that makes the user experience a little frustrating. First of...
Jordan · Review provided by dell.com
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