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Great laptop but poor quality/no company backing.
February 07, 2022
I bought this 10 months ago. I have really enjoyed it's features. While I rarely use the touch screen feature, it has come in handy a few...
Tom1943 · Review provided by lenovo.com
Ports Misrepresented - No Separate Power Input
October 16, 2021
I recently purchased an IdeaPad 5 (15", Intel) laptop, Part Number: 82FG00DPUS, for my daughter. I was impressed by the features vs. cost...
jkiesel935 · Review provided by lenovo.com
WIFI Connectivity problems, Awful TN display
March 26, 2021
TN display is awful. Even onbthe maximum setting it isnt very bright, images lack sharpness and colors are flat. No amount of adjusting p...
brucetbo · Review provided by lenovo.com
Appalling Graphics
February 21, 2022
Returning for refund as the graphics are terrible. Very blue hue, changed in settings & terrible like looking at an old TV. Hard to find ...
BusyBee · Review provided by lenovo.com
Display defect and now discontinued.
February 10, 2022
I loved this laptop and thought it was the perfect laptop I'd been looking for. Unfortunately, I had a 2 inch vertical section of the scr...
HopsIV · Review provided by lenovo.com
A Very Disappointing Purchase
November 22, 2019
I made a serious mistake when I bought this. But sometimes when one electronic device has died and we need to replace it we do our resear...
ellienyc · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great computer rendered unusable by coil whine
January 16, 2022
Great specs, great screen, great keyboard, all of it wasted effort, because of high pitched coil whine. It always amazing me that compani...
Albacore · Review provided by lenovo.com
Not worth the money.
February 16, 2022
Not worth the money - my old work laptop that is at least 4 years old is faster and has less glitches. Really disappointed in this purcha...
JulLe · Review provided by lenovo.com
Great computer but had issues with screen
May 07, 2021
Purchased the IdeaPad 5 after my previous Dell computer started dying after 6 years. Was excited at the specs and the sleek design. Howev...
Zeinab · Review provided by lenovo.com
December 21, 2020
to be fair, I am a mac airbook user and I purchased this laptop so I could view my bank accounts because most of the financial institutio...
John · Review provided by staples.com
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