13,339 reviews
I'm impressed, coming from previous Tab A versions
January 13, 2022
For anyone who might be on the fence about buying this versus a more expensive device, I'm hoping my review can help, because I had this ...
Humanity · Review provided by Best Buy
Cheap tablet appalling performance
April 01, 2022
I thought I had balanced my expectations of this device, but was left seriously disappointed. OK so this is a budget device and I got it ...
pkr1 · Review provided by samsung.com
Some things hold it back
February 09, 2022
I actually quite like this tablet. Samsung has done a pretty good job making the OS feel good on a larger screen. There are problems thou...
MyTwoCents · Review provided by samsung.com
Caution: SD Card will not store apps
January 03, 2022
I bought this tablet specifically because it was advertised as being able to increase internal storage via SD Card. We just reached our 3...
AmyK · Review provided by samsung.com
Great Tablet for Everyday Use
April 21, 2022
I use my tablet every single day, for much of the day. I use it for business, fun and to keep up with my family and friends. That is why ...
JENP1982 · Review provided by samsung.com
Best 8" Android tablet choice
January 06, 2022
I've been looking for a decent 7-8" tablet for a long time ever since the venerable 2013 Nexus 7. I tried the Lenovo Tab 4 8", which had ...
BDiddy3370 · Review provided by Best Buy
Great features and system, thats samsung.
September 01, 2021
I bought this a little less then a year ago and I will give some pros and cons. Pros: -great features and controls. Small things make a...
Rachels reviews · Review provided by samsung.com
Great inexpensive tablet for the price
November 26, 2021
I just want to say that most of the battery views are true but I think the tablet is well worth the money and functions great. I think th...
Isaac · Review provided by samsung.com
Overall, I'm happy with the A7 Lite.
October 30, 2021
I purchased the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7", as a replacement for my 2019 Galaxy 8.0" which had 32 GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM. I ran out...
Jules · Review provided by Best Buy
sleek, fast, functional
April 18, 2022
So far my experience with this tablet has been extremely positive. My primary use is for email, news, mobile games, and to get so many o...
denGreat · Review provided by samsung.com
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