16 reviews
Some things hold it back
February 09, 2022
I actually quite like this tablet. Samsung has done a pretty good job making the OS feel good on a larger screen. There are problems thou...
MyTwoCents · Review provided by samsung.com
Samsung tablets continue to disappoint
November 29, 2021
i'm on my 4th samsung tablet. i buy samsung android tablets because there are no competitive products in the market. issues: - tablet doe...
Rick · Review provided by samsung.com
Devoid of the facility to transfer APP files to the SD Card
September 19, 2021
The assumption, that as a previous owner of a Samsung Tablet ( not an inferior branded item ), I could utilise the brand new 128GB SD Car...
Papaweej · Review provided by johnlewis.com
Decent Tablet with some quirks
April 04, 2022
the operation of the tablet has been okay. i have owned for a little more than a year. i have used it for browsing, online banking and zo...
john b · Review provided by samsung.com
Adequate for a cheap entertainment device, barely
February 26, 2022
It's not a bad tablet for what it costs… It is a little on the slow side and the storage is very limited. Adding an SD card helps somewha...
tom631 · Review provided by att.com
Great Tablet, Horrible Update plan
June 26, 2022
love this tablet so much that i bought one for each of my family members. along with the otterbox for protection. the only con is after a...
Barron · Review provided by samsung.com
Depends What You Need It For
January 30, 2022
Very Slow Charging With Included Charger. I Haven't Tried with A Different Charger Though. Also Shows Fingerprints On Screen. I Haven't P...
L · Review provided by Target
Tablet experience
February 19, 2022
As per the specs, I expected to make phone calls with this Tablet, but to my disappointment found that I could only receive calls & text ...
Harry · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
I upgraded sooner than I wanted to
September 19, 2022
so i upgr4aded to this tablet because it had some features i wanted, chief among them was usb "c". but i was not impressed with the lack ...
Mjorgy68 · Review provided by samsung.com
Great on paper but…
October 12, 2021
I watched a lot of reviews saying that this device was slow and low quality, but I just needed a light tablet/E-reader (and was sick of K...
rickreviews · Review provided by officedepot.com
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