39 reviews
Fun activity for the kids
July 26, 2021
My 4-year-old had a birthday gift card and picked this kit out of all the toys at Target. It turned out to be a really neat activity for ...
skrow · Review provided by Target
So great
June 17, 2022
This was a fun, easy and entertaining craft for my kids. My 3, 5 and 7 yr old all loved this and have asked me to get another kit! The cr...
4LilMonkeys · Review provided by Target
June 30, 2022
My almost 3 year old and I loved doing this craft together! She was a bit heavy-handed with the paint as it comes out really easily from ...
Ktdds12 · Review provided by Target
Loads of fun!
December 16, 2021
I purchased this kit for my 4.5 year old and his friends to have something to do at a party we went to. The kids were older and younger a...
T · Review provided by Target
December 17, 2022
both my granddaughters and i enjoyed this craft, so mcuh that i went and bought more for myself. i love window art and the use of the med...
llainey · Review provided by Target
Great set for all ages
April 15, 2021
Great set for the price! My 5 and 10 year old both enjoyed it! There are some more detailed designs and some simplier. Great for both age...
TargetmomJ · Review provided by Target
Excellent, better than expected
May 09, 2021
Great kit! My 5 year old loved it and completed all 10 sun catchers in just 2 days. She was so excited to make some for her grandmothers ...
hcd · Review provided by Target
Would recommend
July 16, 2022
Even as an adult I loved this! Other sets use a paint brush with paint that never works. The paint for this was amazing. Would definitely...
Mom of 2 · Review provided by Target
April 07, 2021
This is a cute set for anyone who enjoys a little arts and craft. The paint given is a great amount. Adorable designs to choose from. My ...
MD · Review provided by Target
Fun family craft kit!
May 05, 2022
Got this for my 7 year old and we all enjoyed making them! I love the way the paint is in squeeze bottles! Way easier than painting with ...
chall10 · Review provided by Target
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