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No grubs 2 years ina row
June 10, 2021
I live in the northern New Jersey area and every year I had to repair the lawn damaged by he grubs or other underground lawn pests. Not a...
JerseyS · Review provided by lowes.com
This Product Saved Our Lawn
October 11, 2018
We installed new bermuda sod in our back yard about four weeks ago, coincidentally the week that hurricane Florence hit my state of North...
Tony · Review provided by lowes.com
Really Works!
January 06, 2023
I've been battling moles for months, so yesterday I purchased this to kill the food supply for the moles. It rained the day before so the...
Karen · Review provided by lowes.com
Grub Hub Killa'
May 19, 2022
Bio-Advanced works quickly and thoroughly, like within 12 hrs. I applied evening time and irrigated in for 45 mins. Woke up early next mo...
Mr Brownstone · Review provided by lowes.com
Grubs have been evicted!
October 01, 2018
We purchased this grub killer after a lot of research to find the right product for the right need. We had used another product 6 weeks a...
Suziles71 · Review provided by lowes.com
The best immediate control product
January 02, 2022
Anyone who says this product didn't work either doesn't have grubs or applied it wrong. I had an infestation that was killing my lawn. I ...
Michele Streever · Review provided by Google
October 10, 2018
My lawn was severely ruined by infestation of grubs in the later stages. I was in a panic. I chose BAYER ADVANCED Grub Killer Plus and wi...
Doug · Review provided by lowes.com
Works fantastic! Follow directions!
April 18, 2017
We put this down at 9am one morning, and by 5pm that same day, I had TONS of grubs coming up. My husband and myself walked around the yar...
Heidi · Review provided by lowes.com
Bayer GrubKiller Plus
September 09, 2015
I generally use this twice a year on my lawn. A commercial firm mows our lawns so you never know what they drag onto your lawn. Had an is...
Beejay · Review provided by lowes.com
September 03, 2019
My yard has been infested with moles for the past several years. I have hired company to capture them but they always return or move to a...
CJ · Review provided by lowes.com
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