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Great for a cheap kitchen upgrade
May 26, 2022
Purchased 4x rolls for this to upgrade the decor of my rented kitchen worktops. I used 1 roll as a test run to see how easy this would be...
Shak94 · Review provided by B&Q - DIY.com
A cheap solution to change a room
February 02, 2023
Used this to wrap the bulk head in our bathroom, it was wrapped in a dark grey vinyl by the previous homeowners but we wanted to brighten...
AmyJH · Review provided by wilko.com
Please don’t
August 31, 2021
Hi, I have wrapped many kitchen doors with vinyl I have had from online retailers . Didn’t have time to wait for a delivery so went and g...
Steveall · Review provided by B&Q - DIY.com
Great to use/cheap fix
December 30, 2021
Bought this item to fix a peeling white gloss toilet unit. One roll was plenty. I was pleased with the result. Although unlike some revie...
Anniegetyourgun21 · Review provided by wilko.com
Fantastic ...
October 17, 2020
I bought this last month for a project.. Not quite 100% if it would work, to be honest, but it's cheap so I thought I would give it a try...
EmmGlea · Review provided by wilko.com
Wrapped kitchen!
July 03, 2020
Bought this to update my kitchen as having new worktops etc fitted and am Pleasantly surprised how good it looks. I was a bit dubious wit...
Nazx · Review provided by wilko.com
January 14, 2022
This stuff is amazing , doesn’t seam really sticky when you try to apply it but the trick is to use a hair dryer to melt it on as you go ...
NT87 · Review provided by B&Q - DIY.com
Fab way to budget update my kitchen
March 23, 2021
I watched several videos then nervously started with a drawer front - two days later (yes, I was that nervous) my 1980s (early 80s, sooo ...
bianmitc · Review provided by ebay.com
Great wrap
January 29, 2021
I bought DC Fix Gloss white for my bedroom project. I bought MDF wood (18mm thick) cut to size to replace my aging cupboard doors. I then...
JayLV · Review provided by B&Q - DIY.com
Great to revive a Whiteboard
December 28, 2017
Bought the Glossy White to revive an old whiteboard as this was a lot cheaper than a new board. Did the job perfectly and was a lot easie...
GrahamSL · Review provided by wilko.com
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