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The Intelligent Author
June 01, 2021
The author took his first job on Wall Street in 1914 and was there in October 1929 for the big crash. Thus when you read this book, you a...
traderarty · Review provided by ebay.com
Informative, but not a good as Original Unedited edition.
October 22, 2019
When purchasing this edition one must understand that is not the original edition written by Benjamin Graham and that it is not of the sa...
pennyrosebooks · Review provided by ebay.com
Great reading, particularly the commentary
November 25, 2020
This book is a ripper, although being slightly dated. This is negated by the modern commentary which provides more recent examples of wha...
The Gyrocopter · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
PHD Level Textbook
March 09, 2017
If one does not have a strong grasp of the English Language, an above average fundamental understanding of investing in everything and un...
williamdale2007 · Review provided by ebay.com
The Bible of Value investing
December 04, 2017
The value investor differentiates between the price of the stock and its underlying value. In almost every market conjecture it is possib...
kteemu · Review provided by ebay.com
Good insight, just not for beginners
February 21, 2017
The book talks a lot about various past scenarios and the principles used to make the best decisions. If you are a straight beginner, lea...
Zeeshan · Review provided by mightyape.com.au
Well worth buying
August 25, 2019
Very informative as to how to invest. Also invest only after well researching companies performance - financial, reputation, and market s...
Intelinvest · Review provided by booktopia.com.au
its a good book really more psychological than than tek
September 27, 2010
Its a good book about how to look at investment and not be a speculator. It's is easy to act like you already knew what is in this book b...
ripjuice · Review provided by ebay.com
August 05, 2011
Benjamin Graham’s classic work offers sound and safe principles for investing – principles that have worked for more than forty years sin...
P.T. Wong · Review provided by Fishpond.com.au
One of the 10 best Value Investing books ever written.
June 08, 2012
A very intense & thorough "text" book on value investing. A classic that has some wonderful information. Warning...it takes a lot of time...
rjp1994 · Review provided by ebay.com
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