17 reviews
Quick warrm-up and laminates quicklly
August 27, 2019
I got the GBC Fusion 6000L 12" Laminator because I like to preserve and display the artwork of the students I work with as well as my own...
Madeline · Review provided by ataglance.com
Professional results!
August 27, 2019
I'm not sure how I've got through thirty years of my life without owning a laminate, but now that I have one, it's my favorite new toy! I...
Kelsey · Review provided by ataglance.com
Easyto use, sleek and quiet.
August 25, 2019
The GBC fusion laminator is perfect for my home schooling needs. It's sleek and takes up hardly any space. I laminate a lot of worksheets...
Bekki · Review provided by ataglance.com
October 07, 2019
Initial set-up for the GBC Fusion 6000L, was fast and easy to do. Warm up only takes 1 minute and that saves so much time compared to oth...
Maria · Review provided by ataglance.com
Absolutely comes in handy
August 14, 2019
I'm beyond happy with this laminator! I first used it to make flash cars for my son that's in first grade! Comes in handy because I can k...
Erica · Review provided by ataglance.com
A Must have
August 27, 2019
The GBC Fusion 6000L 12 inch Laminator has been a perfect addition to our home office. It was easy to set up and use. Although much bigge...
Becky · Review provided by ataglance.com
Absolutely amazing, time saving laminator!
August 13, 2019
I am absolutely in love with this laminator! It's the quickest laminator I've personally ever used. It's perfect sized, quick & easy, per...
Rachel · Review provided by ataglance.com
I highly recommend this Laminator
August 21, 2019
If you run a small/medium business the GBC Fusion 6000L 12 inch Laminator is an absolute MUST HAVE. Very easy to use and gives amazing re...
Cindy · Review provided by ataglance.com
The best one ever made!
August 28, 2019
This thing is heavenly. Its so easy to use and flawless. I use it alot for work and I'm tellin you, this one is not stressful at all! Its...
Jennifer · Review provided by ataglance.com
A home run!
August 27, 2019
This laminator is incredible! With it's quick and quite warm up cycle you'll be ready to run items through in no time. I would highly rec...
Raymond · Review provided by ataglance.com
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