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Almost Perfect
October 24, 2021
BUYING Recently, just 4 weeks after buying a Sony 85” X9000H directly from Sony online to serves as our main screen, our second tv (an ag...
6amcrisis · Review provided by sony.com.au
The X90J is one update away from a must have.
July 14, 2022
Sony proves once again why it is still top of the game with its mid-tier offerings. I have owned several Sony displays over the years, bu...
SONY72 · Review provided by richersounds.com
Great upscaling
March 31, 2022
Very happy with the way the TV handles streaming, broadcast, Blu-ray, and DVD content. The XR processing is superb, and is very well tune...
albcorp · Review provided by sony.com.au
Significant improvements
August 13, 2022
I bought this X90J to replace my XH92, which I'd only purchased in late 2020, and which was damaged by a house guest (!) This much shorte...
AreDeePee · Review provided by sony.co.uk
2 month user review
January 14, 2022
The XR65X90J is a very good product. Everything works as it should and the build quality is excellent. Reflections are an issue but I hav...
user27 · Review provided by sony.com.au
Great TV for the price
March 30, 2022
Bought this TV a few months ago as an upgrade on a smaller Samsung that I've had for about 6 years now. The display overall is great and ...
Wormy_T · Review provided by sony.com.au
Everybody complaining about picture quality have NOT messed with the TV settings.
March 26, 2022
This TV is absolutely beautiful. Some of these complaints are very nit-picky. It sure beats the hell out of my 7 year old Viore I got on ...
Infktious Venom (Chubbz) · Review provided by Google
Blown away by the image quality for this price
October 14, 2021
I think I may have gotten lucky this time but the panel I received is just superb, I have little to no blooming or haze with the backligh...
Punty · Review provided by sony.com.au
Awesome TV with some really cool features
January 23, 2022
TL;DR - Awesome TV with some really cool features and great value for money. I got this TV for Christmas (can't get a PS5 without upgradi...
Jabbawoki · Review provided by sony.com.au
Excellent mid-range television from Sony
March 20, 2022
Following the unexpected demise of my previous 40" LED television from another well-known manufacturer, I had to quickly do research for ...
Scrubbies74 · Review provided by sony.co.uk
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