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Disappointing Experience with Samsung Galaxy Watch
June 01, 2023
I have been a loyal Samsung customer for the past 20 years, always impressed with their flagship mobile phones, multiple TVs, and other p...
wenura · Review provided by samsung.com
Biggest purchase regret
May 23, 2023
How or where should I start?! I have had samsung devices for many years and to be honest, I have always had some kind of issues ex: my Sa...
Tinkerlina · Review provided by samsung.com
Useless and misleading
January 12, 2023
I purchase this watch to be used in conjunction with my phone to help run my small business. I can honestly say, with no hesitation that ...
Curtis · Review provided by bestbuy.ca
Not great!
August 27, 2022
Because the Galaxy watch now supports wearOS (more apps), I decided to gradually switch from the Apple eco system, to Android. I currentl...
keir1234 · Review provided by samsung.com
October 06, 2022
Purchased watch 3 months ago. The watch stopped working a week ago. Sent the watch to Samsung since it is under warranty. I was told it h...
Steph · Review provided by samsung.com
Horrible follow up to the Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium!
June 19, 2022
I wanted to like this watch (especially since Samsung's promotions department did such a good job of harassing me to upgrade!!) I ordered...
L Dub · Review provided by samsung.com
Horrible watch - an impressive regression
November 20, 2021
Switched from the watch active 2 to this, and it was a painful step backwards. I originally assumed that the poor reviews were from peop...
cbjj · Review provided by samsung.com
Wildly inaccurate heart rate tracking
April 05, 2023
Heart rate: I was so excited for my new watch, but found that heart rate measured in different settings on both arms, on multiple days w...
Pavel · Review provided by samsung.com
Everything was fine... until a call came through
September 09, 2022
I wasn't planning on upgrading my watch (Galaxy Watch Classic), but when my S10 battery swelled and I needed a new phone, I got this watc...
UrbanGoddess · Review provided by samsung.com
Unfortunately a disappointment
May 20, 2023
I have had the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for almost a year now. Basically, each day has been an exercise in frustration. The battery life is...
Tdot · Review provided by samsung.com
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