User-friendly egift card. Worked great!
January 01, 2021
I purchased three $60 gift cards to reload my own Netflix account. I hate making a monthly payment. By using my Target Mastercard, I rece...
Mom in Texas · Review provided by Target
great gift
November 30, 2018
Netflix is a digital video service that offers thousands of movies and episodes of your favorite television shows. Its exclusive original...
Alan · Review provided by Best Buy
Great gift card
December 14, 2018
The $30 Netflix gift card is one the greatest Netflix gift cards I've ever encountered. The card stock is of high quality and so is the p...
TheRuminant · Review provided by Best Buy
Arrived quickly
October 21, 2018
How do you review a gift card? I bought this as a promo with another gift card making this a great value. Aside from that the Netflix gif...
Nico07 · Review provided by Best Buy
Theater ticket replacement gift
January 10, 2021
Purchased as a gift. I always give the gift of entertainment to certain friends. Often it's theater gift cards, so this year I had to thi...
Walkinwell · Review provided by Best Buy
Prices Keep going up for the on the Service
December 16, 2020
Cable TV cost too much money. I love Netflix and I love the selection of shows and movies on Netflix. I made a decision a few months ago ...
KingWillie · Review provided by Best Buy
great subscription for binge watchers
July 28, 2018
I watch Netflix because of my children. They watch animations. Most of the new Netflix content is good. If you're a Marvel fan you will l...
JohnnyFootball · Review provided by Best Buy
Code scratched off with the security coating
October 13, 2018
When I tried to scratch off to reveal the pin code, the entire thing came off revealing NOTHING. I'd scratched too hard and nothing I tri...
mutiger · Review provided by Best Buy
Great gift for others, or yourself
January 08, 2019
The best thing about a Netflix gift card is that you can give to someone who already has a Netflix account and they can apply it to their...
MattC · Review provided by Best Buy
Great option to keep your credit card#s private
October 18, 2019
If your like me, you don't want your credit/debit card numbers floating around the big World Wide Web and with all of the security breach...
beachbrratt · Review provided by Best Buy
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