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Very disappointed with this fertilizer
October 08, 2021
I bought this type of lawn food for the first time this year around summer time to compliment the anual feed for lawn, did everithing as ...
Alberto · Review provided by scotts.com
1 star is way to high!
June 24, 2021
I’ve been using Scott products my entire adult life following in the footsteps of my grandfather who was a loyal Scott’s user. To supplem...
JimR · Review provided by scotts.com
No improvements
August 15, 2022
Unfortunately we have been in a very dry season with some water restrictions. Our lawn is extremely dry & cracked. Rain was expected in o...
tbrjjt · Review provided by scotts.com
Overall a messy unhelpful costly disappointment
September 19, 2022
The whole bag was mushy, its supposed to cover 5,000 sq ft, and that is unrealistic. The contents was soaked, clumpy and un-spreadable. I...
KG · Review provided by walmart.com
Saturated block of Fertilizer
May 13, 2022
Bought 2 bags as I’ve always loved the results of Scotts fertilizer. Applied 1st bag without issue. Second bag was completely saturated i...
· Review provided by canadiantire.ca
Great product when its not wet and full of clumps.
May 27, 2021
I bought a bag and dumped it into my spreader to find it wet and full of hard clumps. It was like well used kitty litter. What to do once...
· Review provided by homedepot.ca
Never again.
May 21, 2021
I bought this after reading good reviews and thought great! This is exactly what I need to help my lawn. I got it and followed directions...
Ksmith · Review provided by walmart.com
Bags have water inside.
July 24, 2021
Bought in Coppell, TX ACE on 7/24/21. First bag was full of water, I exchanged it for a second bag. Top of that bag was okay, but the mid...
· Review provided by Ace Hardware
Burned parts of my lawn
June 28, 2021
Been using Scotts products for over 10years with success. (Spring Weed and Feed, Fall Weed and Feed). However, this is my first time usin...
mikegtrk · Review provided by scotts.com
Update with Scotts. Don't bother calling themm
July 17, 2021
I review on the bigger bag and I can't update my situation on there. So I contacted Scotts because they wanted to help after using this p...
Kenny · Review provided by homedepot.ca
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