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Very life-like and fun!
September 26, 2021
I was so amazed by this toy and how realistic it is! It moves just like a real fish in the water, and it feels really soft and is smooth ...
Lcjones0519 · Review provided by moosetoys.com
My daughter loves it!
July 23, 2022
It’s so hard to get bath toys for a 6 year old because nearly everything is marketed at babies and toddlers! So I was happy to find this ...
Samantha917 · Review provided by worldsapart.com
Lovely toy
July 20, 2022
It's a lovely toy. My daughter loves it. Our fish tank is small and our live fish makes circles all the time haha . My daughter put it in...
Liya · Review provided by worldsapart.com
Bath time magic.
July 18, 2022
Pearletta is the perfect bath time companion. She's wonderful, colourful mix of blues/pinks/purples so bright enough to find in amongst t...
eller88 · Review provided by worldsapart.com
Daughter loves it
September 22, 2021
It's super cute! You dip the whole product in water and the fish swims out of the container once it's submerged all the way. It comes wit...
Loulou93 · Review provided by moosetoys.com
Very cool!
November 09, 2021
This fish is super cool! The packaging is a bit confusing but once out it is great! First we used it in the bathtub which was amazing bec...
becky11196 · Review provided by moosetoys.com
Fun little toy
August 27, 2022
This toy is super cute and fun! However because it’s on the small side it’s quite flimsy and can be damaged easily if dropped, definitely...
Maria10 · Review provided by worldsapart.com
Great fun!
August 04, 2022
My children love this toy. Need a tank or something for the fish to swim in, but it's amazing. No need for live fish with this product. T...
Chessy · Review provided by worldsapart.com
Cute bath toy
August 01, 2022
My little girl who is 5 years old absolutely loves this fish for bath time. The fish swims around and she feeds it using the little bottl...
Thismumsavesmoney · Review provided by worldsapart.com
Cute entertainment
September 19, 2021
I received the LITTLE LIVE PETS LIL DIPPERS S3 SINGLE PK-PRINCESSA in exchange for my review this little toy is just the cutest thing I h...
TLopez · Review provided by moosetoys.com
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