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Poor battery and glitchy Bluetooth/ANT+
April 29, 2022
If you are looking for a watch to handle full distance 140.6 triathlons, DO NOT BUY this watch. This watch went from 100% to DEAD in 11:3...
ChrisQ · Review provided by garmin.com
Buggy, Update made it unusable
November 14, 2020
I wanted to love this watch so much, it was a pretty decent watch for 6 months but then the problems started. I got a software update ove...
olliesblog · Review provided by rebelsport.com.au
so disappointed in this watch and the company
October 24, 2019
I'll just some up its worst offenses. I've read the manual, and i've read the troubleshooting hints. But some stuff just doesn't work wel...
manual reader · Review provided by REI
Not a heart rate monitor
March 25, 2020
This is a very poor product. The watch fails to deliver on its primary function - heart rate monitoring, this is before we even get to al...
OMCO · Review provided by REI
Fails to complete a swim workout or set up LTE
April 01, 2022
This has got to be the worst customer support… I purchased my garmin 945 LTE almost 4 weeks ago and I can’t set up my LTE or complete a s...
DJ_frustrated · Review provided by garmin.com
Watch dead on arrival
August 16, 2021
I wasnt able to get this watch turned on when it arrived. After some troubleshooting online on several occasions I was able to get the wa...
whallenich · Review provided by ebay.com
Over Heated and wouldn’t turn off
May 11, 2019
I was setting up the watch . Synching it with my IPhone. . When I went to turn it off it would not turn off . A symbol denoting the power...
Squirrel · Review provided by REI
Swim workout feature still has problems
January 27, 2022
This is my 2nd 945 LTE and the bug for the swim workout feature has not been fixed. It has been over 6 months.
· Review provided by garmin.com
Faulty product
October 26, 2021
After two weeks , the timer is frozen on the screen. There is a reason this product is heavily discounted. Very disappointing
· Review provided by rebelsport.com.au
Awful Sevice
December 25, 2021
It doesn't connect with my headphones properly and the customer service in store was awful, they've just put me to the garmin dealer dire...
NAMEDGrady · Review provided by rebelsport.com.au
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