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Liked it but no backsies!
November 14, 2019
There is a lot with this toy. It's super interactive, you play with it and you get points which help Rizmo grow. It starts off as a sort ...
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Temporary fun but no reset so kids were over it pretty fast
November 02, 2019
I have a 7 year old girl so I thought the Rizmo Interactive Toy would be fun to try out. My daughter enjoyed it but since her reading lev...
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Ruiz our is not intuitive but very interactive
November 07, 2019
Rico reminds me of the modern day furry or gizmo from gremlins. This toy takes the interaction further than furby. It starts out as a fur...
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Not very unique, but likely a fad toy
October 22, 2019
I have a 5 year old boy who I received this for. I thought he might be interested in it since he was excited to get his hatchimal last Ch...
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Great Interactive Toy
January 11, 2022
My 5 and 6 year old daughters have a Rizmo each and they go everywhere with them. They absolutely love them and love taking care or them....
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December 25, 2020
These things are absurd. The children get fed up with "playing" with them just to get them to "evolve". It takes absolutely ages. Not to ...
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Lots of Fun
December 06, 2019
Rizmo is a fun toy that offers a variety of ways to play. My six year old daughter loved exploring Rizmo and discovering all the ways it ...
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Such a great concept
November 08, 2019
This is such a good toy for my five-year-old And my three year old. Normally they will play with a toy like this for a couple of minutes ...
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Great interactive toy
November 11, 2019
My little one (5) absolutely loved this toy. It's hatching process takes a couple of days because you have earn points in order for it to...
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Fabalous toy unfortunately scared my godson
February 02, 2022
It is a fab toy unfortunately me not thinking brought it for my godson who has asd and as a asd mum shud of thought about it unfortunatel...
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