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Great picture
September 18, 2022
So, I’ve never used a chromebook and I have to tell you that I am not impressed. The overall look of the laptop is decent feels a little ...
Jessicasue · Review provided by samsung.com
Worth it.
September 01, 2021
I was sick of windows so I invested in the Galaxy Chromebook 2. It is a great little machine. Has a really nice charging cord. It takes a...
Stormer · Review provided by samsung.com
Too many stickers
March 15, 2021
large, unnecessary stickers on the palm rest that tear apart when you try to peel it off. this is not a display unit so i don't need to k...
Tom0 · Review provided by samsung.com
Decent, but not as fast as expected.
September 18, 2021
It lags a little bit, and not as fast as I expected. I had a 2017 model, which was just as fast. The screen is amazing, just wish it was ...
gmanny61 · Review provided by ebay.com
September 01, 2021
Processing time slow. It seems that Chrome books don't run all Google store apps. Not a fan of Chrome books.
· Review provided by samsung.com
Easy to use
September 01, 2021
I like how simple it is. I don't like how hot it gets and that I can't run Steam on it.
Landrewc · Review provided by samsung.com
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