504 reviews
Good screen and design, bad keyboard, overpriced
September 10, 2021
If it had a better keyboard I'd forgive the absence of the fingerprint reader and SSD. Pros: It got a nice design, I really liked the col...
vdoc · Review provided by Best Buy
Good Chromebook, But Just Missed The Mark
August 04, 2021
I gave the Galaxy Chromebook 2 a chance, actually I tried 2 different ones; the red and then gray. The first one, red color; I thought i...
Ghost · Review provided by Best Buy
July 27, 2021
I really wanted to like this after getting it on sale but the camera was worse than the one in the store demo (grainy and not what you ex...
SteveM · Review provided by Best Buy
Worth it.
September 01, 2021
I was sick of windows so I invested in the Galaxy Chromebook 2. It is a great little machine. Has a really nice charging cord. It takes a...
Stormer · Review provided by samsung.com
Good but hard to save docs to computer
January 14, 2022
Really nice computer and very nice. There are some things that we have been struggling with and that is installing programs and very hard...
Confused · Review provided by Best Buy
Does not live up to top of line pricing.
November 18, 2021
Size: perfect Keyboard: overly sensitive, cursor jumps all over the place and is extremely disruptive. I immediately disabled assistant -...
Frustrateduser · Review provided by Best Buy
Samsung Chromebook
July 02, 2021
This is my first attempt at a Chromebook and I just can’t seem to get behind it the whole concept. That said, I always love the quality o...
KristenBestBuy · Review provided by Best Buy
Too many stickers
March 15, 2021
large, unnecessary stickers on the palm rest that tear apart when you try to peel it off. this is not a display unit so i don't need to k...
Tom0 · Review provided by samsung.com
September 27, 2021
It runs good, no major issues. Runs off google, which I’m not a fan of. I haven’t done a lot with it yet, but I will not buy again. Scree...
Sgray · Review provided by Best Buy
Battery swelling after a week's use
June 26, 2021
I purchased this about a month ago but unfortunately I had to return it since about a week after using it I noticed there was a bump fork...
Ramiri · Review provided by Best Buy
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