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Not working out for me
March 20, 2022
I bought my Chromebook 2 on February 22nd and didn't receive it till March 4th. (i am inserting the dates as the return policy for the de...
CatherineP2 · Review provided by samsung.com
Missing a lot of Samsung features I expected
September 01, 2021
Missing a lot of Samsung features I expected. I just recently decided to move from being a multi decade apple user for everything. I firs...
Tiggles · Review provided by samsung.com
September 02, 2021
Have been using for 6 months. It is often very slow. I bought it specifically to use with Zoom. It causes feedback when mc is on. Sometim...
Oakleaf · Review provided by samsung.com
July 25, 2021
I'm very disappointed with this Chromebook. It is *extremely* slow on start-up as well as signing out before powering down.....like....a ...
Rowen · Review provided by Best Buy
June 11, 2021
disappointing i purchased this replacement for my normal activities with the i 3 processor. do not recommend. im not aware the extra proc...
whocares · Review provided by samsung.com
Was very disappointed
December 04, 2021
Very cute to look at but I bought this computer in August and travelled outside US in September. I did not use it for more tgan a day and...
Nyora · Review provided by Best Buy
Cool colors
October 09, 2021
Beautiful colors. But i wanted more. Pretty much a really big phone (without internet if u dont have wifi) cant add to mobile plan
Computer · Review provided by Best Buy
not as great as raving reviews made it out to be
November 12, 2021
purchased it as an open box, the volume was good, it's not for power users; the reviews re the screen were exaggerated.
CallaLilly · Review provided by Best Buy
Galaxy Chromebook
September 29, 2021
No happy with with chrome book 2, color is too bright. don't like having the icons in the center of the bottom of the screen
Joanynell · Review provided by Best Buy
Don't buy
March 29, 2021
Cheap flimsy laptop. The screen is just drop down beautiful but I felt like the laptop would break in a matter of seconds
Bruce · Review provided by Best Buy
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